How many people have had side-effects of the vaccine in India so far, had to be admitted to the hospital? Know everything


It has been two days since the Corona vaccination campaign started in India. During this time, lakhs of people were vaccinated, but in some places, its side-effects are also seen in some people. This information was given by the Union Health Ministry at a press conference on Sunday. According to the Health Ministry, adverse events have been reported after vaccination on 16 and 17 January, followed by 447 AEFIs (Adverse Event Followed Immunization). However, during the press conference, the Union Health Secretary, Dr. Manohar Agnani, stated that the adverse effect of the vaccine was of minor level in most of the cases.

Dr. Manohar Agnani said that after vaccination, only three cases were seen in which people had to be hospitalized. Actually, if someone has to be hospitalized after being given a vaccine, it is considered a severe AEFI (Adverse Event Followed Immunization).

According to Dr. Manohar Agnani, one of the three people who had severe adverse effects of the vaccine was admitted to the Northern Railway Hospital. However, he was discharged from the hospital within 24 hours. At the same time, the second person was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi, later he was also discharged from the hospital, while the third person was admitted to AIIMS in Rishikesh, which is also in good condition. He said that most of the people taking the vaccine complained of mild fever, headache, and nausea.

How many people were vaccinated on the first and second day?

According to Health Secretary Dr. Manohar Agnani, a total of 2,07,229 people were vaccinated on the first day of the vaccination campaign, which is the highest number of vaccinations in any country in the world on the first day. At the same time, on the second day i.e. January 17, vaccination was done in six states of the country (Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, and Tamil Nadu), in which about 17 thousand people were vaccinated.

Caution is necessary even after getting vaccinated

Experts say that wearing a mask is necessary even after the vaccine is applied, as this is an additional safety measure to ward off the virus. Apart from this, it is also necessary to take safe physical distance, wash hands, use sanitizer, and other measures to avoid the virus.