How many people have faith in the indigenous vaccine, many big things came up in the survey about the free vaccine


The coronavirus epidemic has been with us since last year and while this epidemic killed a large number of people, a large number of people also succumbed to the disease. In such a situation, India is going to start its vaccination campaign from January 16 to prevent this disease. In such a situation, a survey has come out, according to which, while a large number of people are eager to get the vaccine on one side, on the other hand, some people also want the free vaccine. So let's know what this survey says, and what questions people have about the corona vaccine.

Actually, a survey report by YouGov has come out. Accordingly, 68 percent of the people of India are ready to get vaccinated. While 24 percent of people are still unsure about this and 8 percent of people are not ready to vaccinate corona. At the same time, the survey also revealed how many people have faith in the indigenous vaccine. According to this survey, more than half of India's population, i.e. 55 percent, said that they trust the vaccines made in India rather than Britain, Russia, or America.

There are many people who do not have complete confidence in the vaccine, they want to review it first. Not only this, but a large number of people also want that they get the corona vaccine for free and they do not have to pay a single penny for it. According to the survey, 50 percent of the people who were included in this survey want 50% of the government to arrange that they get the corona vaccine free of cost.

At the same time, 36 percent of the people say that those who are elderly, poor, or seriously ill, should give this vaccine for free. There are also 14 percent of people who want those who wish to get vaccinated to pay for the vaccine. In the survey, when asked who should take this vaccine first, a large number of people said that first, those who have more difficulty, including elderly people, frontline workers, and people with emergency services should first get the corona vaccine.

In order to overcome this fear of people who have any kind of fear about vaccines, it has been said from the government to the vaccine manufacturers that this vaccine of Corona is completely safe and that people should not be afraid of it. There is no need to be afraid either way. Hopefully, people who have any kind of questions about the corona vaccine will start getting answers when the corona vaccination campaign gradually starts moving forward.