How effective is China's corona vaccine? Somewhere 50 percent and 91 percent are said to be effective


China is already in controversy regarding the Coronavirus because most of the scientists of the world believe that the virus has spread from China to the world and now China has once again come into the eye of the corona vaccine. . The reason for this is that there is a huge difference in the impact of the Chinese vaccine in different countries. Actually, the vaccine 'Coronavac' developed by China's Synovac company has been tried in Brazil and Turkey. There is a huge difference in the data of the trials released by these two countries, which have raised questions about the effects of this Chinese vaccine.

China's vaccine is 50 percent effective in Brazil

Brazilian researchers on Wednesday revealed trial data for the Synovac Biotech vaccine. He said that this vaccine is about 50 percent effective in Brazil. According to reports, Brazil is the first country to complete a late-stage trial of this vaccine.

However, Brazilian state government officials say the vaccine is effective enough against the coronavirus for emergency use in Brazil. Indeed, the health regulator Envirya has set an efficacy rate of at least 50 percent for vaccines in this epidemic.

91% effective vaccine in Turkey

Turkey's Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that Chinese vaccine manufacturer Synovac's vaccine 'Coronavac' is 91.25% effective. Turkish Health Minister Fahretin Koka said the percentage of impact could increase further with the evaluation of the scientific committee. He said that we were sure of the effect of the vaccine. We now believe that this vaccine is effective and safe for the people of Turkey.

The first batch of vaccine can be available on Monday

It is expected that Turkey will get its first consignment of 'Coronavac' vaccine on Monday. According to Health Minister Fahretin Koka, Chinese authorities have completed the approval process for the vaccine dose to be sent to Turkey. Earlier this month, Fahretin Koka reported that Turkey had contracted to buy 50 million or five million doses of the Corona vaccine from Synovac. Out of this, the first batch of 20 million i.e. two crore doses are to be received in December and January while the second shipment of 10 million i.e. 10 million doses will come in February.