How dream girl Hema Malini stays fit at the age of 72? Click here to know the secret of her beauty


Bollywood's dream girl and evergreen actress Hema Malini has turned 72 years old. Even at this age, there is so much energy in her, seeing her beauty, her age was not known. Seeing such fitness and beauty of Hema, everyone wants to know how she actively does all these things. How does she manage all these things even at this age?

During an interview, the actress was told, 'Beauty is a gift of God and which no one can ever take away. I have good skin because God made it. I try to keep it very clean as well as makeup-free.

Hema Malini drinks a lot of water daily for her glowing skin which flushes out the toxins from the body along with water keeps the skin hydrated. Due to which the skin remains glowing.

Hema uses Aroma oil. Along with this, keeps heavy makeup away from itself. Daily includes lots of vegetables and fruits in her diet. Along with this, stay far away from junk food.

She does yoga for at least 45 minutes every day or every other day. By doing yoga, health remains good and the mind remains positive.