How did a 190 kg boy lose 107 kg! Click here to know


Many people also try to reduce it when they are overweight. For this, they do different types of exercises. There are many people in the world who were discussed due to their increased weight. Children are also involved in this. Arya Permana got the title of the world's thickest child like this. The 14-year-old boy weighed close to 190 kg in 2016. He weighed about 107 kg in 4 years, now he weighs 83 kg.

Arya Paramana, the world's most fatty child, is quite famous. He felt that his weight would never reduce or I could not diet, go to the gym, etc. Whereas the reality is that a human being can do anything he wants.

Arya had to work hard to lose weight. But now he is leading a fitness life like normal people. Arya has lost weight by gastric bypass, gyming, and dieting. He was helped by fitness trainer Ade Rai to reduce Arya's weight. He is the international trainer who made this impossible thing easy.