Homemade Wax: If you want to remove hair, prepare wax at home, know the recipe


Corona has also locked the habit of going to girls' parlour. Fearing Corona, the girls are now forced to stay home and try home remedies. Girls can try different types of face to improve their face, but how to do hand wax or house wax is a big question.

The corona is spreading so fast that going to the parlour is the biggest risk. How long will it last without waxing? Now you don't have to worry about waxing. We are telling you how to make and wax at home, using which your hair will be removed and your skin will be smooth.

1. Add one-quarter cup of lemon juice and one-quarter cup of water to two cups of sugar. Pour it into the pan. You can add two to three drops of any oil for fragrance.

2. Place the pan on the gas and allow it to heat on a low flame.

3. Stir the sugar and lemon juice continuously with a spoon, so that the sugar is not frozen. Keep in mind that sugar also burns quickly, so do not stop stirring the mix.

4. Turn off the gas when the mixture becomes like Chashni and its colour is light brown.

5. Your homemade wax is ready. Put it in an airtight jar of your choice and use it whenever you want.

How to use

You can use homemade wax just like a normal wax. Remove the wax from the jar and heat it in a microwave or pan, then apply it on the skin and place a cotton or paper wax strip available on the market. Rub and then pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair from one side. This wax will make your skin smooth and soft.