Home Remedies: If you are troubled by insects and mice in the house, then avoid making these 6 mistakes


Do you know that due to some of your mistakes, insects and sparrows start coming to the house? Let us know about these mistakes.

Troubled by insects in the house?

Are the mice plagued?

Or are you bothered by mosquitoes and flies?

The reason for this is nothing but some of your mistakes which attract them to come to your house. Yes, once they come home and settle down, they make it difficult for anyone to live. Not only do diseases spread, but they can also cause great damage to your home and furniture. If you are moving to a new place or you want to keep your home free from insects, then avoid these 6 common mistakes that can attract pests in your home.

Keep the house chaos

Most women find that food attracts insects, but just because unkempt things do not contain food, it does not mean that it cannot attract pests. Whether it is a pile of old newspapers or a few boxes lying around your house, clutter is a natural environment for most insects. Birds and rats make nests and burrows in dark and unhygienic places. Besides, small insects such as cockroaches and spiders often take shelter in disarray. Therefore, to reduce clutter, remove any waste items, boxes or cartons. This is the best way to prevent pests.

Not covering gaps, cracks and holes

Gap, cracks and holes in the wall are one of the reasons that insects can enter the house. This place may be under walls, doors, or holes from where wires, pipes, and drains pass. Small insects can easily enter these small spaces. Also, holes and cracks in the wall provide a place for insects to hide. Thoroughly fill holes and cracks around your house to prevent pests from entering the house.

Do not remove garbage regularly

It is not a secret that insects are attracted to food and waste. Garbage that is not regularly thrown out is a sure way to invite pests to your home. In addition to properly removing garbage from your home, it is necessary to regularly clean the trash can every few weeks to ensure that it is free of any kind of garbage that can still entice pests.

Avoiding leakage

Home leakages can attract many types of insects. Insects such as cockroaches and mice are attracted to the moist place. Stagnant water, on the other hand, allows mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Also, insects such as termites in a damp place can damage the girl's furniture. Another thing to consider is that most insects can survive for a month on water alone. If there is a water leak in your house or any place where too much moisture accumulates, it is much more important to stop the availability of the food source of these pests to limit the damage.

Not repair broken screen

Apart from cracks in the walls and doors, another entryway that should not be overlooked is broken screens and vents. Some holes are so small that we do not immediately notice them in the house, but small insects make their way into the house from here. The smell of food also passes through the screen which tempts the pests. The best way to keep small insects out is to get the screen and vent holes repaired.

Not cleaning kitchen appliances

Food particles are often left after use in kitchen appliances such as stoves, microwaves and toaster ovens. These attract common household pests to your kitchen. Since the kitchen is where you cook and cook, the presence of pests can pose many health risks for you and your family. The insect can come into contact with kitchen surfaces, spreading harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, as well as their droplets and urine which can contaminate food. It is important to clean your kitchen regularly with these tools to avoid inviting unwanted pests to your home.

Pests cause not only destruction but also diseases. Therefore, by avoiding these mistakes, you can keep insects away from your house.