Holi Recipe 2021: Prepare Kheer of Gulab in sweet with Gujhiya, the taste is amazing


To make Gujhiya at the festival of Holi is almost certain in every household. But if you want something sweeter this time with Gujhiya, then try roasted kheer made with rose and almonds. Whose taste will be liked by everyone and the eater will not be able to keep asking for the recipe. So let's know how the Gulabwali Kheer will be prepared.

Pudding Ingredients

Full Fat Milk - 2 Liters

Rice - 120 grams

Sugar - 40 grams

Rosewater - 3-4 drops

Almonds - 100 grams

Dry rose petals - 10 gms

Grated Almonds - 25 grams

How to make almond rose kheer

First of all, to make almond rose kheer, soak rice in water for 20 minutes. In a skillet, boil the milk on low heat till the milk remains half. Take out the milk from the soaked rice and put them in the milk and cook on low heat. Cook it until the rice becomes thick. Now add chopped almonds and cook for 15 minutes. When the kheer becomes thick and creamy, add sugar to it.

Now keep this kheer to cool down. When the kheer cools down, add rose water to it. Keep the kheer in the fridge. When serving the kheer, garnish it with grated almonds and dried rose petals.