Here a plate biryani costs 20 thousand rupees, 23-carat gold is garnished.


Whenever Biryani is talked about, mouth-watering starts. Everyone loves the best taste of biryani and people reach anywhere to taste the famous biryani. But today in this episode, we are going to tell you about a biryani which is not easy for a common man to eat because its price is so much. Yes, we are talking about the world's most expensive biryani, which costs 20 thousand rupees for a plate.

By the way, this biryani has been launched by a restaurant in Dubai. It is being called the most 'expensive' biryani in the world. This biryani has been launched by a restaurant called Bombay Borough. According to reports, the owner of this restaurant has included it in the menu on the first anniversary. By the way, it is not necessary that this biryani has to eat only one person but it can be eaten by six people simultaneously. It is said to be a Royal Biryani and is decorated with 23-carat gold.

By the way, this Biryani has included Kashmiri Mutton Kebabs, Old Delhi Mutton Chops, Rajput Chicken Ke Kababs, Mughlai Kofte, and Malai Chicken. If you order it you will get it within 45 minutes. Along with this biryani you will also be served with raita, curry, and sauce. So if you live in Dubai then enjoy it, while if you do not live in Dubai, then enjoy it when you go.