Heavy shortage of oxygen: know what measures can rapidly increase the amount of oxygen in the body


The rapidly growing Corona cases in the country have put the health system under great stress. Due to the sudden pressure on hospitals, many medical devices are also seeing a lot of shortages these days. Some hospitals lack ICU beds and oxygen cylinders elsewhere, so patients are facing a lot of problems. You are watching and reading oxygen deficiency cylinders every day. Now, the question arises that if someone suddenly needs oxygen, then with what measures can its quantity in the body be increased immediately?

We talked to Dr. Amandeep Singh Singh of the Department of Internal Medicine, AIIMS, about how fast the amount of oxygen can be increased in the body in the absence of oxygen cylinders. Dr. Amandeep says that the requirement of oxygen in the body of a person depends on his level of saturation. Breathing problems, in general, do not mean that the person needs to be given oxygen externally.

Dr. Amandeep says that oxygen saturation in a person's body should first be investigated through an oximeter. If saturation is greater than 95, oxygen is not required. If saturation falls below 90, such patients may need to be given oxygen through a cylinder.

How to reduce oxygen in the body

During a conversation, Dr. Priyaranjan, Intensive Care Consultant of Ujala Cygnus, told that by adopting some common measures, you can know whether the saturation of oxygen in the body is better or not. For this, first, check the saturation with an oximeter. Now walk normally for 6 minutes and watch the saturation again. If the saturation is reduced to 3 points than before, then you need to be cautious.

For example, the amount of oxygen in the first test is 98. After walking for 6 minutes, you should be alerted if it decreases to 95 or less in the test. It can be a sign of lung problems and lack of oxygen in the body.

How can the amount of oxygen in the body be increased at home

Dr. Priyaranjan explains that if a patient is suffering from lung problems and does not get oxygen quickly, then some remedies can be used at home. Tell such patients to spend at least 1-2 hours lying flat. By doing this, the lungs are relaxed and oxygen levels rise.

Note: This article has been prepared based on a conversation with Dr. Amandeep Singh Singh of the Department of Internal Medicine, AIIMS, and Dr. Priyaranjan, Intensive Care Consultant.

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