Healthcare Tips:-If liver disease is starting then your body gives you these signs


If any of these signs are visible on your skin, then you must contact your doctor first. These symptoms on the skin before liver disease...

Many times our skin indicates a danger to us. Some diseases are especially seen through the skin. For example, when there is jaundice or jointing, the skin starts yellowing. There is a direct indication that bile has become very much in the liver and its effect starts on the skin. As soon as jaundice occurs, we go to the doctor and start treatment.

But do you know that before getting liver disease, there are more signs on the skin? When the liver is in different conditions, the skin gives us an indication that there is a need to have the test done now. We spoke to Shikha Mahajan, Dietician and Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Diet Podium, and tried to find out more about it. He explained to us in detail the reactions on the skin.

According to dietician Shikha Mahajan, if the liver disease starts, then these signs are found on the skin.

Itching starts in the skin in liver disease-

Your liver damage is a symptom that may also be of bile in the blood. When this happens, itching starts in the skin. When there is a block of bile, the bile slowly gets mixed in the blood and collects on the lower part of the skin. This is the reason why the skin starts to itch and you have some discomfort.

Spider angiomas formation

One of the many symptoms seen on the skin is the appearance of Spider angiomas. These are small cells that look like spider webs. They also occur in the lower part of the skin and when the estrogen level increases in the body, they start appearing. If they are visible, this means the liver is not functioning properly and your hormones are not metabolized.

Blue rashes occur on the body or bleeding-

One of the first symptoms of liver damage is bleeding in the body and bleeding very easily. These symptoms say that your liver is not healthy and the proteins that are needed to stop blood clotting are not being made in the right amount in the liver.

Very bad smell of mouth-

A very bad smell from the mouth is also a symptom that your liver is not functioning properly. High levels of dimethyl sulfide indicate that you are having liver cirrhosis and this brings fruity, rotten odor from your mouth. Mouth odor caused by liver damage is called Fetor hepaticus.

Hyperpigmentation on the face

If you have severe freckles and hyperpigmentation on your face, then it can also be a symptom of liver damage. When the liver does not function properly, estrogen levels in the body increase. In this case, an enzyme called tyrosinase grows in the body which contains copper. It increases the production of melanin and causes pigmentation problems.

Itching, burning, and redness occur on the palms-

Another symptom of liver damage is that the redness, irritation, itching in your palms increases a lot. It is called palmar erythema in the medical term. It is caused by abnormal hormone levels in the body.

If you see any different symptoms on your skin, then it is necessary to get your doctor checked. It may not be due to the liver but due to some other reason, but its symptoms often start appearing on the skin. A regular checkup can save you from any serious problems and you should always seek the advice of a medical professional in case of anything that will tell you about it in detail.