HEALTH TIPS : You can do these 4 yogasanas daily, you will also have long, golden and black hair


Not only women but in today's era men also do a lot to make themselves look beautiful. Wearing good clothes, wearing good shoes, applying good perfume, etc. do a lot. But there is a common problem due to which most of the women but men are also very worried and that is the problem of hair. There are many problems like hair breakage, premature graying. Everyone wants to have blonde and black hair, long hair, everyone compliments their hair. In such a situation, people use many types of products like oils, shampoos, etc. But many times, even these things do not work out and people feel disappointed in their hands. But for this, you have to include Vitamin-C in your diet. Apart from this, we are going to tell you some Yogasanas, which can help you. So let's know about them.


In this, you have to lie on your back by laying a yoga mat on the ground. Then both your legs have to be folded in a sitting posture and keep them on your thighs. After this, slowly lift your torso upwards. Stay like this for some time and then it becomes normal. By doing this, you get relief from migraines and stress, and reducing stress, helps in getting rid of the problem of hair fall.


In this, you have to sit in Vajrasana posture by folding your legs facing the sun. Then while inhaling, bend both your hands up, and while exhaling, lean forward. During this keep in mind that the palms should touch the ground. Do this at least daily for another 5 minutes. You can get benefit from this.


In this, you have to exhale with the help of lungs and stomach, due to which the lungs are purified. At the same time, by doing this yoga asana, the hair becomes black as well as long. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of doing this yoga asana, which includes strengthening the digestive and respiratory systems.


In this, you have to sit with your knees bent so that the buttocks come between the two ankles. Then join the toes of both the feet together and keep a gap between the ankles. Now keep both the hands on the knees and keeping the body straight, leave the hands and body completely loose. Finally, close your eyes for a while and focus on your breath. It is beneficial in the problem of hair fall.