Health Tips:-You can also adopt this diet plan of KanganaRanaut for weight loss


Bollywood actress KanganaRanaut stays connected with fans through social media and constantly shares information about her. A few days ago she shared her hair care routine with fans. Recently, they have shared their diet plan with the help of which the immunity can be strengthened and weight can be maintained. If you too are looking for such a diet, then follow this diet of KanganaRanaut.

She has shared this diet plan with fans through his social media on Twitter. Sharing some photos of the diet, she wrote in the caption, "Some people want to know what I eat throughout the day. I will tell you about my whole day. Whenever I eat food, I see if it will help with weight or immunity. ''

Let's start the day with tea

Some people want to know what I eat in a day will take you through my day as and when I eat to see if it helps with weight or immunity, I start my day with a glass of water (too much water is overrated) then in some time I take one Kadak chai with normal sugar + soaked almonds + raisins

- KanganaRanaut (@KanganaTeam) May 2, 2021

Kangana further wrote, "I start my day with a glass of water, then after some time I drink a strong tea containing normal sugar and take soaked almonds and raisins together."

Kangana takes local food

Kangana further wrote, "He has never consumed a 'fancy diet' and loves the food that his mother has fed him since childhood, 'mostly local food '." My bile dosha is very high, so tea/coffee is not good for me, I take alkaline raisins to compensate for the acidic tea damage or people with high bile can benefit from my diet. ''

Hydrates the body

Time for some coconut water, you can also take fresh lime or buttermilk if you don't live in a coastal area ...

Note this is my diet when I am not working, at work, I mostly add a small snack with this drink. ..

- KanganaRanaut (@KanganaTeam) May 2, 2021

Apart from these food items, Kangana emphasized many other things like coconut, fresh lemon soda, buttermilk which keep the body hydrated in such weather. Note that this is my diet when I am not working. But during work, I mostly take small snacks with this drink. ''

Consume fruits

Sharing another picture, he wrote in the caption, “After yoga and meditation, I take some fruits. Mumbai houses are small, there is very little activity in lockdown so I do not eat food cooked for breakfast. If you are very young or physically doing a lot of work, then, of course, this type of diet is not for you. "

Kangana drinks vegetable juice

This is not a good day to post-diet feeling overwhelmed with disappointing results from Bangal and forgetting to eat but I like to drink vegetable juice around this time, today it's doodhi called ghiya in north India with some mint leaves and few lemon drops and a pinch of salt.

- KanganaRanaut (@KanganaTeam) May 2, 2021

He further wrote, "During this time I like to drink vegetable juice. For this, I like to add some mint leaves and drops of lemon, and a pinch of salt to the juice of ghee. ''

Take pulses, vegetables, and rice for lunch

“Most of the lunch consists of lentils, vegetables, and rice, I like North Indian style KadhiPakora with rice and sometimes I like Maharashtrian Pomfret Fish Curry or Pan Fried. Yogurt is important for me in this season, I also squeeze lemon in lentils and everything goes well in vegetables. ''

Kangana takes filter coffee

Filter coffee with some cashews, coffee is not good for people with too much fire in them which anyway causes high pitta dosha but I used to take 3-4 cups a day reduced to one now, coffee is something I look forward to.... Isn’t it divine ????

- KanganaRanaut (@KanganaTeam) May 2, 2021

He further wrote, "I take filtered coffee with some cashew nuts but coffee is not very good for people who have a lot of bile defects ." Earlier I used to take 3-4 cups in a day but now I only take 1 cup. Coffee is something that I look forward to. ''

She takes khichdi for dinner

Amid election excitement I feel burdened to do this food thing regret making this commitment with you all but anyway this is my last meal of the day, at home I like khichadi or curd rice or salads for dinner with turmeric shot.

Hope this helps ????

- KanganaRanaut (@KanganaTeam) May 2, 2021

Sharing a photo of khichdi and turmeric drink, he wrote in the caption, "This is the last meal of my day when at home I would like to have khichdi or curd rice or salad for dinner with turmeric drink. I am hoping this helps you too. ''

You too can strengthen your immunity and reduce weight by following this diet of Kangana.