Health tips:-What do your nails say about your health?


Your nails tell all about your health. Nail shape reveals all the secrets of lack inside your body. Let's know-how.

A lot can be told about a human by looking at him. His gestures, his way of walking, his way of talking, all of this can be known about you. Just like that, your nails also say a lot. Have you ever thought about how nails can tell anything? But this is very true. Senior physician Dr. NL Amoli explains that your nails tell a lot about your health. We are the ones who do not understand this. Neither do we ever take care of our nails? We never take the scars on the nails, their frequent breakage. But believe the doctor, this situation tells us a lot.

How can my nails change

Many times the nails have long or wide stripes. Sometimes their color changes. Sometimes the texture starts to look very different. So sometimes the nails get broken as they get older. Sometimes we have pain in our nails. But have we ever noticed these changes? maybe never. These changes can occur due to any deficiency in our body. There is a change in the nails even if there is abdominal discomfort.

The color of the stripes shows the condition of health

The stripes of the nails are of different colors. If you have white stripes in your nails, then you are deficient in nutrients. At the same time, blue stripes on the nails indicate high blood pressure. If there is a problem with your liver or lungs, then purple stripes start forming on your nails.

What do wide stripes mean?

When there is a deficiency of a protein called carotene, wide stripes are formed on the nails. There are several wide lines on the nail. As this problem increases, new cells of nails are stopped.

Long stripes mean

Lack of calcium, protein, zinc, and other vitamins causes long stripes on our nails. Apart from this, if there is more dryness in the skin, then even long stripes can be formed.

Brown stripe

If you see a red or brown stripe on the underside of your nail, then it means that you are starting or have trouble with joints, etc. Many times this stripe becomes like this only. But if it ever happens then take the advice of your doctor.

Thick nails

Do you have hard and thick nails? Then contact the doctor immediately. This condition of nails is due to fungal infection. There can be many other reasons such as diabetes, infection in the lungs, eczema, etc.

Wrinkled nails

If your body lacks nutrition. Then you will see your nails wrinkled. Nail infection or any finger injury can also cause this problem in the nails.

Weak nails

Do you also have a complaint about weak nails? Sometimes the nails grow, but they break very quickly. Such nails mean that you are going through a thyroid or fungal infection problem. It can also be caused by a type of fungus that appears as fiber on your skin and mouth.

Spoon Shaped Nails

You must have seen that many people have their nails in the shape of a spoon. If you are among those who have such a nail shape, it means that you are prone to hypochromic anemia (the body's red blood cells have less color than normal).

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