Health tips : Tofu is very beneficial for health, you will be surprised knowing the benefits


You all must have eaten a lot of cheese and you have heard about its benefits too, but today we tell you about tofu cheese made from soy milk which is more beneficial to our health than cheese, so let's know today About the benefits of eating tofu….

Nowadays most of the people get heart problem because nowadays, due to increasing pollution from above, the problem of heart becomes due to the pollution, but do you find that eating tofu can get rid of heart problem because in tofu Isoflavones are LDL. Most women in India fall prey to breast cancer, but a research has shown that women who consume tofu are less at risk of breast cancer because tofu contains isoflavone genistein which is anti-cancer.

Tofu works as a boon for those who are obese, because protein is found in good amount in tofu, which removes the fatness of our body. If you consume tofu everyday, then lose weight in a few days. Starts happening.