Health Tips: These people should not donate blood, patients taking blood may face problems


Blood donation comes under the category of Mahadan. This is a charity for which no one refuses to date because everyone knows that one's life can be saved by donating blood but not every person can donate blood. To donate blood, it is very important that the blood donor is healthy, if the donor is unwell, then it creates more problems for the person, so it is important to know these things before donating blood.

Have a cold

People who have colds and colds should not donate blood because doing so may prove harmful to the people to whom they are going to give blood because the cold-cold bacteria are contagious. So that the virus can reach the person who is already struggling with some disease and needs blood.

Less weight than normal

Not everyone has the right to donate blood. Only people who are healthy can give blood. People whose weight is less than normal, ie people above 18 years of age, who are less than 50 kg, whether they are women or men, cannot give blood because at times such people may have anemia. They are not considered competent to give blood.

Hemoglobin deficiency

If a person has low hemoglobin, he cannot give blood. It is important to donate blood that you are not unwell yourself. If your hemoglobin is less than 12 percent, then you do not have enough blood on your own, so you cannot give blood to anyone else, so do your own hemoglobin test before giving blood.

Got a tattoo done

Nowadays the trend of tattooing is very prevalent among the youth. There is no harm in getting a tattoo done in this case, but if you give blood during this time, then it will not harm you, but it is not less of a risk for the front, because doing so will increase the chances of transfer of hepatitis virus. Therefore, do not donate blood for 6 months.

Running antibiotics

A person who is on antibiotics cannot donate blood. You cannot donate blood for 2 to 3 weeks even after the antibiotics are over, because antibiotics are given when there is any type of infection in the body, so it is important not to give blood to anyone else because the infection reaches them. Can.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with a special doctor of Sant Ravidas Hospital, Akole. Doctor Special Akole has been practicing for the last 28 years. He received his degree from GS Medical College and Hospital, Uttar Pradesh.

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