HEALTH TIPS : These 4 changes visible on the skin can be signs of liver disease, do not forget to ignore it


People do a lot to keep themselves healthy. People adopt many good habits like following a good routine, exercising, going to the gym, doing yoga, taking a good diet, sleeping on time at night, and getting up early in the morning. But despite this, many times people become victims of diseases. At the same time, when we have a headache, the body is hot, then we know that we are having a fever. Similar diseases also have their own symptoms. For example, itching, rash, or burning in the skin. But many times people ignore these symptoms, which can be a sign of any disease. So let us tell you about some such signs, which point you towards the problems related to the liver.

itchy skin

When our liver is damaged, that is, it is damaged, then one of its symptoms can be bile formation in the blood. In such a situation, a person may feel itchy on his skin. This is because when the liver starts to malfunction, bile starts mixing in the blood, due to which it gets deposited in the area under the skin. Due to this reason, the person starts having problems with itching on the skin.

black-brown rash or spots on the skin

When a person's liver does not function properly, the amount of estrogen in it starts increasing. In such a situation, an element called tyrosinase increases in the body, due to which black or brown colored grains or spots appear on the person's skin. In such a situation, it is a better option to visit a doctor without ignoring this symptom.

yellowing of eyes

If your liver is deteriorating, you may also get an indication that if your eyes, nails, and skin starts turning yellow. This also indicates that there is a problem with your liver. Apart from this, sometimes if you are seeing yellowness in your urine, then it also indicates liver damage.

blue rash

Many people get blue-colored rashes on their bodies, but people ignore them as normal. But you have to understand that if you often get such rashes on your body, then it is a sign that there is a problem with your liver. It may be that your liver is not producing the right amount of protein. Therefore, as soon as this symptom appears, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

Note: Dr. Rajan Gandhi is a highly qualified and experienced General Physician. He has completed his MBBS from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. After this, he completed his diploma in CH. Presently from ICHH, he is working as Medical Director and Senior Consultant Physician in Cygnus Kulwanti Hospital. He is also a life member of IMA (Indian Medical Association). Dr. Rajan Gandhi has an experience of 25 years in this field.