Health Tips: The problem of gas in the stomach has increased in the changing season, so do these things, will get relief soon


It is very common to have gas in the stomach. This problem can happen to any person at any time, but there are many reasons behind it. In the changing season, when the cold is going on and the heat is coming, our food and food gets affected many times, due to which the acidity starts happening at any time, so it is very important that instead of taking medicines, it is only due to the consumption of natural things. Get rid of this problem as soon as possible because many people start having other problems by taking acidity medicine. In the next slides, know from the stomach specialist that what things can be avoided in such a situation can save you from this problem.


In the changing season, doctors recommend that eating cucumber in the morning keeps the coolness in the stomach throughout the day. There is a lot of water found in cucumbers so that there is no lack of water in the body and the acid that is being made in the stomach due to gas and acidity, also stops being formed by the consumption of cucumbers. Keep in mind that cucumbers One should not consume them on an empty stomach or else vomiting, nervousness, etc. can cause problems.

coconut water

Many people do not tolerate tea, coffee, etc. as soon as the summer season comes, they start making gas in the stomach. Such people should immediately stop consuming these things and start consuming coconut water. Getting up early in the morning every morning, drinking coconut water, removes all the toxins that harm the body, and does not feel any problem in bowel movement.

Milk and water

Drinking water mixed with cold milk as soon as waking up in the morning also keeps the stomach fine throughout the day does not produce gas in the stomach. Along with this, your bones are also strengthened by the consumption of milk. Drinking cold milk keeps the stomach temperature normal and the stomach does not remain empty due to which there is no problem of gas, so in this way, the whole day is passed without any stomach problem and the changing season. Take care not to drink milk too cold.


Banana eating is mostly advised when there is a problem of diarrhea, but when there is too much of a gas problem, bananas should be consumed. Bananas are found in large amounts of nutrients which reduces the problem of acid reflux. When acid is not formed, again and again, the problem of gas on its own gradually gets relief and eating banana also keeps the stomach full for a long time.