HEALTH TIPS : New technology: How safe are you from corona infection? With the help of this test, you will be able to know in a few minutes


You must be well aware by now of the requirements of sufficient antibodies in the body to be safe from corona infection. Two types of antibodies can develop in the body to fight infection, first - natural antibodies made from corona infection, and second - antibodies developed in the body after vaccination. It is being said in studies that these antibodies help in protecting the body from corona infection. You may also want to know how safe you are after vaccination, that is, the level of antibodies in your body, but how to find out?

To overcome such a dilemma in the minds of people, a similar new test kit has been launched in the UK, with the help of which the level of antibodies made in your body after vaccination can be easily detected. Do experts say that through this test, people will be able to easily know how safe they are from corona infection?

How will the test be done?

In the UK, Luas Diagnostics Company has introduced this antibody test. Experts claim that with the help of this test kit, you will be able to detect the level of Kovid antibodies present in the body in just a few minutes. Manufactured by Chembio Diagnostics System of New York, this test kit will take a few drops of blood from the finger to test for antibodies, based on which the level of IgM and IgG receptor-binding domain (RBD) antibodies in the body against the coronavirus can be easily measured. can be traced.

In how much time will you get the result?

According to health experts, the level of immunity in the body can be detected only on the basis of the presence of RBD in the blood. The scientists who developed the kit claim that the results obtained from it will be extremely accurate. The special thing is that the result can be obtained within just 15 minutes, any person can order this kit from the company's website. The price of this kit has been fixed at 50 pounds (about Rs 5174). There is no information about how long this kit will be available in India as it is currently a matter of approval from the central health authorities.

What do experts say?

William James, professor of virology at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, says it is clear that the higher the level of specific antibodies in the blood, the more protected a person is from corona infection. Through this test, the level of antibodies in the body can be detected easily and quite quickly through a blood test. This will also make it easier to determine who may need a booster dose and for how long.

Antibodies made from vaccination have been the subject of discussion

How much or how effective are the antibodies made in the body after vaccination, it has been a matter of constant discussion. In a recent study, researchers found that the level of antibodies in the body of older people can be reduced even after both doses. At the same time, in another study, scientists say that the antibodies made from some vaccines are reduced by less than 50 percent within just 3 months. These studies have raised many questions in the minds of people, everyone wants to know the level of antibodies made in the body, this test kit can be helpful in this direction.

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A new test can detect your immunity to COVID-19 post-vaccination - how protected are you?

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