Health Tips:-Know about the advantages and use of contraceptive services


To take advantage of contraceptive services, you should know all about them. This article can help in family planning.

Contraception is probably the most important part of family planning. In addition to playing an important role in family planning, contraception also provides a variety of health benefits. Contraception not only reduces the chances of pregnancy but also reduces the need for abortion and therefore also prevents pregnancy and other complications during childbirth that reduce the risk of death or any disability.

How do contraceptive services help?

Contraception, along with many other things to do, helps women of reproductive age enjoy a healthy sex life who do not want to be mothers early. This minimizes the chances of unwanted pregnancy and unplanned births. Some common assumptions and interruptions do not allow people to take contraceptive services, some of the reasons may be-

  • Concern about side-effects and overall health
  • Guessing that there is no risk of pregnancy
  • Conflict by partner/family
  • Lack of complete knowledge on this subject
  • Money, availability, or other similar reasons
  • Negative perceptions related to contraceptives make it difficult for young, unmarried to access services.

Having full knowledge about this and seeking help from experienced professionals will help eliminate the fear and skepticism associated with contraception and help in reaping its benefits.

Benefits of contraceptive services-

Contraception offers long-term benefits and some short-term benefits as well. Its long-term benefits include better family savings, better child health, awareness among partners, especially for women, and education in the subject. These significantly reduce child mortality and sexually transmitted diseases in children and parents as well as children. Also helps prevent the risk of. The decision to become pregnant should be left entirely to the woman, yes a consultation with a partner must be done. When a woman is left with the decision of when she wants to become a mother, it leads to better, easier and healthier pregnancy and better outcomes for children born. The time of birth of children should also be different from each other. This is the result of good family planning which reduces the risk of child mortality and birth defects.

Why should you take advantage of contraceptive services?

You must make family planning a part of your general health care services. There are many contraption methods you can choose from, depending on your needs, budget, and other things. By spreading awareness, giving the right information and with the right advice, you are less inclined towards contraception so that you can spend a healthy sex life without worrying about getting pregnant. This gives you the ability to take the right decision so that you can grow your family whenever you want and how ready you are for that. Ignore the stigmas associated with taking advantage of contraceptive services and if you are not ready for pregnancy, then do not hold back from taking advantage of these services by talking to the elders of the household.

The WHO clarifies that the contraceptive wheel meets the qualifications and criteria perfectly, helping you to choose between the available contraceptive options. It calculates the advantages and disadvantages of a suitable contraceptive option, taking into account the prevailing medical condition of the person, and describes other options in the individual case. You should consult a trained medical professional and discuss with them which part of the wheel matches your needs and medical history.

Log on to the WHO wheel and see what are the criteria required to use any contraption method?

Thanks to Dr. AtulGanatra (MD, DGO, FICOG) for his expert advice.