Health Tips: Keep these things in mind while going to the mall in the Corona era, you will not get infected


Corona infection continues to increase. In such a situation, if you go to the mall to get the necessary goods, then it is very important to keep these things in mind.

Corona infection is rapidly engulfing people in the country. The second wave of this infection is so frightening that more than three and a half lakh people are getting infected every day. At the same time, the number of people who died from this deadly virus is also increasing day by day. There is a huge shortage of medicines, beds, and oxygen calendars across the country. Because of such a situation, many states had imposed a night curfew or lockdown. Everyone is turning to the market or mall only because of the urgent work. However, there is better protection from treatment, so take full safety measures while going to the mall.

If you are going to the mall to buy the essentials of the house during the Corona period, then it is very important to take care of some special things. By keeping these things in mind, you can protect yourself from getting infected by others as well. Let us tell you the important things to keep in mind before going to the mall.

Wear double masks and gloves

Everyone should wear double masks and gloves to prevent corona infection. So do not forget to wear double masks and gloves whenever you go to the mall. Also, be sure to throw used masks and gloves in the trash.

Use sanitizer

While going to the mall, do not forget to take the sanitizer with you. Although every store has a sanitizing spray, but still carries a sanitizer with you. Sanitize hands before and after touching anything in the mall.

Pay digital

After shopping at the mall, pay in a digital way instead of cash. This will not put you in touch with the storekeeper and will prevent the risk of corona infection. But remember that for digital payment, save and save internet data on mobile.

Carry a personal shopping bag

Corona is an infection that spreads through touching. So take your shopping bag to the mall. By doing this you will avoid this deadly infection. Also, after shopping from the mall, wash and sanitize the shopping bags.

Use ArogyaSetu App

It is necessary to use the ArogyaSetu App in the Corona era. It has been designed to keep the corona infection in mind. Through this app, you can gather information about nearby infected people. While going to the mall, definitely use this app.

Image Credit: Freepik