Health Tips: Keep these things in mind during summer exercise- photos


Exercise at the right time

By the way, it is said that workouts should be done when you have time. But in summer, 6-8 in the morning and 5-7 in the evening are perfect for doing workouts especially when you are doing outdoor exercise because the sun is not very strong during this time. Due to which the body does not get tired quickly.

Choose the right outfit

Wearing the right outfit is as important as the body is flexible to perform any exercise. You cannot do any exercise properly in tight clothes, it is pure. So choose light loose outfits of cotton whether you are doing yoga or cardio.

Keep a bottle of water with you

Always keep a water bottle to protect the body from dehydration during summer workouts. But avoid drinking lots of water in between workouts. It is right to drink two to three sips.

Do outdoor workouts only by applying sunscreen

One of the essential things of outdoor workouts is also to keep in mind that you have to get sunscreen. This is because the sun can cause your skin to become bad, so whatever the weather, sunscreen must be applied before the workout.

Understand body signal

Relax on feeling like dizziness, fainting, vomiting due to excessive workouts, heat, dehydration. Doing forceful workouts is not beneficial for the body in any way; on the contrary, it can increase problems