HEALTH TIPS : Is there a scar like a 'hematoma' on the skin? Know its causes and methods of prevention


Seeing anything unusual in the body can become a cause of concern for you. Many people identify such problems in time, while some people come to know about it when the symptoms take a very serious form. Unusual spots on the skin can be a sign of a more serious problem that needs prompt diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms such as bruising on the skin can also be caused by a serious condition like a hematoma, carelessness of which can lead to serious problems.

A hematoma can be caused by damage to large blood vessels in the body. Symptoms of a hematoma usually resemble a bruise or scratch on the skin, which is why it is often difficult for people to diagnose. Although most cases of hematoma are not serious, the condition can also cause serious problems in some parts of the body. Hematoma can occur in any part of the body.

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What are the symptoms of a hematoma?

Hematoma is a condition of accumulation of blood in the outer parts of large blood vessels. Usually, this problem occurs after some kind of injury. Injury can damage blood vessel walls, causing blood to spill into surrounding tissues. Hematoma can cause changes in skin color, swelling, redness, warmth, or pain in the skin around the hematoma. Having a hematoma in the scalp can be dangerous. People in this condition may experience severe symptoms.

severe headache

Difficulty moving arms or legs


difficulty swallowing food


Why is hematoma problem?

According to doctors, the hematoma is most common due to injury. The injury does not have to be severe for a hematoma to develop. People can also have this problem due to a simple injury. Apart from this, the use of certain types of blood thinners can also increase the risk of hematoma. Anyone who has suffered a serious head injury or any other injury should consult a doctor for a diagnosis of a hematoma.

How is hematoma treated?

In some cases, the hematoma does not require treatment. The body usually corrects this over time. The doctor may prescribe some pain relievers to cure the pain. However, it is important to note here that a person is advised not to take painkillers like aspirin as they can thin the blood and make the hematoma worse.

Surgical drainage may be required for the treatment of a hematoma in severe cases. Surgery may also be necessary if the blood is putting pressure on the spinal cord, brain, or other organs. Surgery is necessary to reduce the risk of infection.

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