HEALTH TIPS: If there is no bleeding during periods, then definitely follow these measures, you will not be disturbed


Many women are unable to bleed openly during periods, which is a serious problem in itself, but often women keep talking about it and do not find any solution, which results in that they are upset every month. There are. Such disturbances in menstruation are not normal as they can affect your fertility, hormonal imbalance, weight, etc. This is not a problem that cannot be treated, but you can fix it by sitting at home, if you start consuming some things regularly, then it is absolutely possible.


Eating carrots will keep your periods healthy. Eat carrots regularly in salads or take carrot juice for breakfast. Carotene is found in good amounts in carrots, due to which the level of estrogen in the body remains balanced. This does not stop your bleeding during menstruation, but for this, you must include two carrots a day in your diet. Having less bleeding in periods can be a hormonal problem.


Consumption of turmeric can prove to be very beneficial in this problem. If you want, one week before the date of menstruation, you can start consuming it every night by adding some turmeric in a glass of milk or if it is not possible for you to do this remedy with milk, then adding turmeric in a glass of hot water It can be consumed in the morning. It would be better for you to keep the quantity of turmeric low in the summer days.

jaggery and sesame

The effect of both jaggery and sesame is considered hot. In such a situation, if you mix jaggery and sesame in small quantities and consume it, then you will not face the problem of blood clotting or clotting during menstruation. All the dirty blood will be easily removed from the body and there will also be relief in pain, so keep consuming it during periods and before periods.


Consumption of papaya is very beneficial for women among fruits. Before a few days of menstruation, you should consume it regularly. Carotene is also found in papaya-like carrots, which stimulates the hormone called estrogen in the body, so definitely consume it. Many women have stomach-related problems around periods, its consumption proves to be very beneficial for them too.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Sadhna Raj of Childcare Hospital. Dr. Sadhna Raj is practicing for the last 16 years. He did his degree from MGM Medical College, Indore.

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