HEALTH TIPS: If there is a lack of energy in the body, then start consuming these things from today itself.


These days many people are troubled by this problem that even after getting a good night's sleep, they feel as if there is no life in the body. This problem cannot be ignored because it is affecting not only our daily life but our health is also deteriorating mentally, so it is necessary to include some such things in our diet which are beneficial for our body. Help keep you energetic. If there is energy in our body, then we will be able to stay healthy both physically and mentally and will be able to carry out our activities throughout the day better, so definitely include good things in your food so that you can stay healthy.

Pumpkin Seeds

Not everyone likes to eat pumpkin, but pumpkin seeds are good to eat and they are also very beneficial for health. You can eat them on the go. You can keep them with you while working and must consume them every once in a while. Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins are found in these seeds, which keep the body full of energy.


Curd should be consumed once a day. If you take curd with lunch, then after that you will not feel lazy to work. Yogurt is rich in nutrients, so your body gets enough protein and carbohydrates by consuming it and you remain full of agility.


The consumption of bananas in fruits is very beneficial for increasing the energy of the body. If you wake up in the morning and eat a banana for breakfast, then you can be full of energy throughout the day. Vitamin-B, fiber, and potassium are found in good quantity in bananas and by consuming it your body can get instant energy, so definitely consume it in fruits.


If you are feeling a little hungry, then instead of eating some chatter, you should eat almonds because eating them will give you energy. Vitamin-B and magnesium are found in abundance in almonds, which are very necessary for the body, so eat almonds. You can eat soaked almonds at night and eat it in the morning, it will also benefit your health.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Reva Maheshwari, Senior Nutritionist, Arpan Hospital. Dr. Reva has experience of the last 9 years in this field. He did his degree from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar.

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