Health Tips:-How to deal with indigestion


We adopt many methods to increase digestion power, but if seen, most of the people in India have problems related to digestion. If the digestion starts getting bad, then not only bloating, gas, stomach pain, acidity problem, too many cramps, many problems like nausea start happening. All these things are somehow related to our digestion and hence our digestive system must be correct.

If seen, the malfunction of our digestive system is called 'AamDosha' in Ayurveda. When the common element increases in the body, then digestive problems start occurring. For this, we do not know how many medicines we eat, we use so many home remedies, but nothing happens. In such a situation, if you are told that only a couple of small tips can fix your intuition process, what would you say?

Anjali Mukherjee, an expert dietitian who trains Miss India contestants, has shared some ways to get rid of this problem on her Instagram account. Anjali has been working in this field for almost 20 years and she is also a diet tips expert.

Anjali has shared a post on her Instagram account, in which she has been told that what is the only tip to fix this common defect and also information has been given about some home remedies which can make your digestive system a little better. will help to do so.

If the problem of indigestion is happening too much then do this work-

Anjali says that when the body is troubled by digestive problems then you cannot overload it. Fasting is the best way to solve the problem of induction. According to Anjali, the body is a very good machine and it cannot be overloaded. If you are already having trouble digesting food, then fast for a few hours.

Fasting for 10-16 hours if all this is happening then-

  • If you ate alcohol, smoke, or heavy meat the night before and your stomach feels heavy
  • If you fell asleep after having dinner too late and you are having an indigestion
  • If the problem of bloating is getting worse
  • Too much gas problem is happening due to heavy food

These home remedies will end indigestion-

If you are having indigestion and want to eliminate the problem of digestion, then according to, some indigenous things can prove to be very helpful like-

  • Lemon water with dry ginger will also keep you hydrated and at the same time reduce the problem of digestion.
  • Aloe Vera juice will cure the ongoing mess in the stomach.
  • Raw garlic can also cure stomach indigestion.
  • If you drink coriander-mint juice with black pepper, that can also help a lot.
  • If all this is not correct then you can drink amla juice.

All these things can help improve your digestion. If your problem is getting more severe or there is any disease in which you cannot stay hungry, then eat light things or consult your doctor.