Health Tips For Good Lifestyle: Follow These 12 Rules in Daily Routine to Stay Healthy


Humans are ready to do everything today to stay healthy because the coronavirus epidemic has encouraged people to be vigilant about their health. It can also be called a kind of fear, but people have started taking special care of their health. To stay healthy here, 12 such rules are being told, which are also called Ayurveda and science to adopt.

To stay healthy, a person pays attention to all kinds of things, but there are some small things which to ignore can prove to be very harmful to health. You will be told here today about some such special and best rules, which are also suggested by the doctors to remain healthy.

These will not only improve your routine but can also protect you from many types of serious diseases. These 12 rules are explained to you in point below. Read them carefully and do your best to include them in your routine.

After waking up every morning, you should first drink one to two glasses of lukewarm water. It is very important to remove toxic substances from the body and clean the stomach.

You should drink tea after eating something for breakfast in the morning, otherwise, it can prove harmful for health.

People suffering from constipation must take papaya in the evening. Apart from this, by consuming fiber-rich foods, constipation can also be relieved.

To take good care of the teeth, clean the teeth before sleeping at night and after that sleep only after drinking a glass of water.

Never drink water while eating food. This also has an adverse effect on digestion and you cannot eat too much food. Always drink water only after half an hour of eating.

Do not keep mobile phones near you while sleeping at night. The radioactive rays connecting in it can harm your brain while sleeping.

Exercise daily or practice yoga. This will protect you from the risk of many serious diseases.

Always answer the call with the left ear while talking by phone. According to a scientific study, due to answering the phone with the left ear, the frequency is excellent and the effect of radioactive rays is also reduced.

After eating food, definitely eat fennel or a little jaggery. It also helps indigestion.

According to Ayurveda, curd should be avoided at night. This increases the chances of mucus developing.

You all will know about Akshay Kumar's fitness. He does not eat after 6:00 pm in the evening. Therefore you should also try not to take a heavy diet after 6:00 pm.

Coldwater stored in the refrigerator should be avoided. This is not only harmful to the throat but can also cause any damage to your health.

This homemade sanitizer will keep away the coronavirus from vegetables

Everyone knows how important it is to sanitize goods brought from outside to avoid corona. To avoid this, people are sanitizing not only packed food but also vegetables and other food items. For this, some people are using chemical-based sanitizers which are available in the market, which are expensive and also very dangerous for health. Today in this video you will teach how to make natural homemade sanitizer, which will help in making your food items safe, as well as take care of your health.