Health Tips: Foam coming in the urine is a sign of this disease, experts tell these reasons


The amount, color, and smell of urine indicate any disturbance in our health. Abnormal urine color can be the result of many different conditions, infections, disease, medications, or the food you eat, but diabetic patients see foam in the urine as an early symptom.

How is it possible to develop foam in the urine due to diabetes?

Diabetes is a long-lasting disease, and this problem arises when the blood glucose levels are too high. People with diabetes are not able to make enough insulin in their body or the body is not able to use insulin effectively. When this happens, the level of blood sugar in the body increases significantly. The kidneys of the body are responsible for clearing the blood and draining out the dirt, and excess amounts of sugar (sugar) are filtered through this extra fluid. This excess sugar (sugar) is then passed out through the urine, which creates froth in the urine or even smells sweet or fruity.

Apart from frothing in the urine, other major symptoms of diabetes are as follows:

-frequent urination

- Frequent thirst or hunger

-Thickness and lethargy


- Tingling and numbness in hands and feet

Problems of urine froth in diabetes

In type-1 and type-2 diabetes, people may experience the problem of foam formation in the urine for several reasons. This problem is very common for patients with diabetes, but it should not be taken lightly at all. Foaming in the urine may be the first sign of diabetes for some people.

Kidney disease

About 1 in 4 adults with diabetes have kidney disease. Diabetes puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys, which can lead to serious kidney disease. Protein may be present in the urine of people with kidney disease, and the presence of protein in the urine can cause foaming in the urine.

Urinary tract infection

Diabetes increases the chances of urinary tract infection, especially in women. In the event of a urinary tract infection, white blood cells can cause foaming in the urine, which your body sends to fight the infection.

Other diseases can also be indicated

The problem of foam formation in the urine can also arise due to many other reasons which have no relation to diabetes. If you feel that this may be a sign of diabetes, contact your doctor on time. The color, smell, and thickness of your urine can give you and your doctor an indication of what type of disturbance is present within your body.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation by Dr. Nirmesh Aggarwal, Siddhi Vinayak Diabetes Center. Doctor Nirmesh Aggarwal has been practicing for the last five years. He also serves at Suyash Hospital, Raipur. He has taken his degrees from Hyderabad and America.

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