Health tips: eat these 4 things together with yogurt, you will get instant energy!


Yogurt contains many nutrients that are very beneficial in keeping the body healthy. The vitamins, calcium, and many other minerals present in it protect the body from many diseases. Although curd is consumed in any way, it only benefits, but if some things are mixed and eaten, then its benefit is doubled.

Raisins and Curd

Take some raisins and mix them with curd and consume them regularly on an empty stomach every morning. By doing this, there will be a positive energy in your body.

Curd and cumin

if you do not feel hungry and have indigestion, do not worry. Eat black salt and roasted cumin in yogurt. By doing this, your appetite increases, as well as digestion.

Yogurt and jaggery

mixed with a little jaggery in a bowl of yogurt, our metabolism is good and hunger also starts late. It also helps in maintaining the correct temperature of the body.

Dried curd and dry fruits and eating curd together remove weakness of the body. If you are very thin, then consume it continuously, soon you will see improvement in your health.