HEALTH TIPS : Drinking lemon juice mixed with raisin water gives tremendous benefits, know how to make


Raisins and lemon, both are very beneficial for health. If we talk about the different benefits of both, then the health benefits of raisins include the treatment of constipation, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. It is also considered beneficial for skin, hair, eyes, and bones. If we talk about the same lemon, then it is the best source of vitamin C, which helps in increasing immunity. Lemon is also used in many ways in Ayurveda and traditional medicine. Its other health benefits include treating indigestion and constipation. Apart from this, lemon juice also helps in relieving high blood pressure and respiratory problems. Experts say that if these two are consumed together then the benefits are doubled. Let us know what are the benefits of drinking raisin water mixed with lemon.

Provides relief from stomach problems

Drinking raisin water mixed with lemon juice is very beneficial for the digestive system. It cures problems like constipation, acidity, and indigestion. If it is consumed regularly, it also keeps the intestines clean.

blood pressure remains controlled

Raisins and lemon both have blood pressure-controlling properties. Actually, potassium is found in it, which usually works to reduce mental stress and depression. Drinking raisin water mixed with lemon juice also provides relief from heart-related problems.

Beneficial for teeth and bones

Drinking raisin water mixed with lemon juice strengthens teeth and bones. It can be effective in reducing bleeding gums and bad breath. It can also reduce the problem of yellowing in the teeth.

How to make Raisins and Lemonade?

First of all, soak a handful of raisins in a glass of water overnight and filter that water in the morning. Then add lemon juice to it. Now your doubly beneficial drink is ready. You can drink it.

Note: Priya Pandey is a qualified and experienced Dietician (Dietician). He joined CSJM of Kanpur. B.Sc in Human Nutrition from University has done. He has worked as a Dietician in Abha Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur. He has also participated in GSVM Medical College as the representative of the subject of nutrition lectures. He has a long experience of 8 years in this field.

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