HEALTH TIPS: Drinking coriander water on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial for health!


Coriander is used a lot in India, making chutney from coriander leaves and also used for putting it on the vegetable. Coriander is used a lot as a spice. Coriander is considered rich in many medicinal properties.

Coriander water helps in relieving problems related to digestion. It controls the digestive system and prevents the star of acidity in the stomach from growing, which helps in relieving stomach ache, burning gas problems.

Coriander water helps in reducing weight. Coriander is an element found in it that accelerates the process of metabolism.

Coriander water is considered beneficial in both problems of deficiency or excess of the thyroid. Coriander is rich in many minerals and vitamins which helps in regulating thyroid hormones.