HEALTH TIPS: Drink parsley juice daily to control blood pressure


Parsley is considered a medicine in Ayurveda. It is used as a spice in the kitchen. It is like coriander leaves. However, its taste varies. It has many medicinal properties, which are very beneficial for health. Especially it is no less than a boon in controlling blood pressure. Doctors also recommend drinking parsley juice to control blood sugar. Blood sugar has become a common problem in stressful life nowadays. It can happen to anyone over 30 years of age, both men and women. For this, people above 30 years of age should have blood pressure checked at regular intervals. Also, follow the right routine and have a balanced diet. If you are also a patient of hypertension and want to keep blood pressure under control, then drink parsley juice daily. Let's know-

What does the research say?

Parsley is described in detail in research published at Research Gate. According to this research, 8 million people die every year worldwide due to blood pressure. Also, the number of patients is increasing daily. Recent research has revealed that consuming parsley seeds keeps blood pressure under control. For this, doctors recommend blood pressure patients drink parsley juice.

Another research is mentioned in the article. This research is from 2016. In this, 24 patients suffering from blood pressure were advised to drink parsley juice for one month i.e. 30 days. A month later, when blood pressure was examined, the result was found satisfactory. This research has revealed that parsley juice plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. For this, patients suffering from blood sugar should drink parsley juice daily.

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