Health Tips: Do you know that sleeping light can be harmful at night?


Many times people sleep with the lights turned on at night, doing so can prove to be harmful to health. Let's know-how?

People usually turn off the lights for a good sleep before bedtime. But many people do not turn off the lights and sleep only by lighting the lights. Many times people keep the lights on to light children. Due to some fear, sometimes not intentionally turning off the light before going to sleep can affect your health. Let us tell you how sleeping light can prove to be harmful to health.

Poor sleep

Exposure to light during sleep makes it difficult for your brain to get deep sleep. The more shallow or light sleep you get at night, your brain activity is negatively affected. Due to lack of proper sleep, the brain processes the brain slows down and there is a hindrance in doing any work successfully. Good sleep is also necessary for health, so health is also affected due to poor sleep. Lack of sleep can cause unbalanced mood and irritability.

Depression problem

According to research, the problem of depression is very high among those who sleep by lighting the night. Sleep with strong light is directly related to depression. Even the blue light of electronic devices can have the worst effect on your mood, which may later become the main factor of depression. If you forget to keep things somewhere, always feel lonely, unable to do any work well then it can be a problem due to sleeping by lighting the light at night.

Obesity problem

A study conducted on women found that the symptoms of obesity are more in those who sleep at night under strong light or light from electronic devices. One of the reasons for this may be that due to lack of proper sleep in high light, there is frequent hunger and obesity is increased due to overeating.

Cause of accidents

You become less alert the next day because of not getting enough quality sleep due to the strong light. This can be especially dangerous if you drive a car or other type of vehicle or machinery. If the children's sleep is not completed properly, they can also carry out any major event. Even adults may be at greater risk of dizziness and falls.

Because of all these factors, you do not need strong light for good sleep at night, so sleep only as far as possible by turning off the slow light or light.

Image Credit: freepik and unsplash