Health Tips: Do this if you start gasping with just a few steps


Most people have trouble breathing for a short time due to climbing stairs. If the same happens to you, then you should know these things. Not everyone can climb stairs easily. Some even started panting when they climb 2-3 steps. This type of problem is found in both women and men. Fatigue is a common occurrence while climbing stairs. But if you experience this after climbing three or four floors, then it should also be done in limited quantity.

Because if you do not feel tired after going to the fourth floor or fifth floor, then it is a sign of a healthy body. When it comes to fitness, going down the stairs burns body calories and melts fat. The reason behind this is that climbing the stairs costs the body energy and leads to fatigue. But this is not a good sign if you are tired of climbing two floors. This indicates weakness inside your body. Shortness of breath due to hard work is common but if you start having difficulty breathing after climbing two floors, it means that your heart is not completely healthy.

So take care of your health to protect your weak heart from disease as this condition can be the primary sign of diseases entering the body silently. This problem also occurs because some people lead lazy lives. Some people get heavy heads after climbing stairs. Some look dark. If you have any of these problems, seek medical advice. Because this condition is a sign of serious illness in the body.