Health Tips: Do not let children eat it by mistake, it can be a serious problem


Since the immune system of young children is not fully developed, they immediately develop a cold, cough, and phlegm. There are many reasons why a mother has eaten something cold due to a change of weather or during breastfeeding, because of which babies have such a problem. For which many people adopt home remedies. Many people drink honey when their newborn catches a cold. But the doctors refuse to do so. Honey is a traditional recipe for relieving cough but young children need to think about the disadvantages of this recipe. Nothing can be given to a young child because it is an herb or a home remedy.

Everything affects the child. So before feeding anything to the baby, take special care of some things. Similarly, honey can cause allergies in children. Do not give honey to a child younger than 6 months. When you start giving food to a child from 6 months to 1 year of age, you can give honey to a child with a cold and cough problem. But it is important to monitor the quantity and quality of honey. Honey also has anti-infective properties. Due to which the child greatly benefits. Although honey has many properties, it often contains bacteria.

Which is called Clostridium botulinum. Which also causes a particular type of food poisoning. Although it has no specific effect on older people, as their digestive system is very strong, it can harm young children. A: Although honey is healthy, it can have a bad effect on children younger than 6 months. Therefore, before taking home remedies for a child younger than 6 months, consult a pediatrician.