HEALTH TIPS : Do not go to these five places to avoid this dangerous form of corona, otherwise you may get infected


The havoc of the coronavirus epidemic continues. Even though the second wave of the corona has slowed down in India, experts have already issued a warning about the third wave. In such a situation, everyone is scared of this third wave, but in the midst of all this, Corona's delta strain has worried everyone at this time, because this variant is very dangerous. In such a situation, it is believed that in the third wave, this variant can cause a lot of destruction. That is why it is important that everyone take care of themselves, and follow the rules of Corona. Apart from this, there are some places where you can save yourself and your family members from getting infected even if you do not go. So let's know about this.


Even though gyms have opened, you should avoid going to the gym. Instead, you can do workouts at your home. The risk of spreading corona is highest here because many people wear masks half-baked due to sweating during workouts. In this case, you can also get infected.


After a long time, malls have now opened in almost all the places. In such a situation, people go here to shop and some people go here to spend their time and eat the cool air of AC. But you should also avoid going here because AC runs here and in such a situation if someone coughs then you can get infected. At the same time, there can also be a situation like a lot of congestion here. Instead, you can do online shopping or even buy from shops around you when it is not crowded.

movie theater

The governments had ordered the opening of cinema halls by issuing necessary guidelines, after which cinema halls have opened after taking care of many other things like leaving a seat. But here too there can be a lot of risk of spreading corona. That's why you should avoid going here for now. Instead, you can watch movies with your family at your home, because nowadays almost all movies are easily available on the OTT platform.

homes of non-vaccinated people

Even though the government has made the vaccine free for everyone, there are still many people who have not got the corona vaccine. In such a situation, you should avoid meeting these people. Try not to invite these people to your house, neither go to their house nor meet them at any outside place.

public transport

There is also a great risk of spreading corona in public transport. Even though it has been made necessary to follow the rules of Kovid-19 from metro to buses, but the pictures that usually come out are not hidden from anyone. People neither wear masks nor follow social distance. In such a situation, you should also avoid traveling in them for the time being.

Note: Dr. Rajesh Mundeja is a well-known physician with 25+ years of experience, having worked in various countries including Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Maldives, and India. He has obtained MBBS and MD degree from SP Medical College, Bikaner. He has also worked as a Medical Specialist in the Ministry of Defence, Saudi Arabia, and has been Director, Senior Consultant Physician, and Head of the Medical Department at Mahamrityunjay Hospital, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, before joining Cygnus Hospital.

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