HEALTH TIPS : Diabetes patients must take care of these things during the rainy season, otherwise problems may increase


From cold-cough to viral fever, there are common diseases during the rainy season, which can affect anyone, but this season can cause many problems for those with weak immunity. Similarly, for diabetic patients, this season also brings disaster, because their immunity is already weak due to diabetes and in such a situation they are more likely to fall ill. Therefore, people who are suffering from diabetes need special care during this season. By the way, diabetes is such a disease, in which the person suffering needs to take special precautions at all times and also have to take special care of his diet. Let us know what things diabetes patients should take care of during the rainy season so that the blood sugar level does not increase and problems do not arise.

avoid eating outside

Eating outside can harm anyone during the rainy season, and especially diabetic patients should not eat such food at all, because even a small negligence can cause big problems for them. It would be better to eat home-cooked food only.

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly

It is very important for diabetic patients to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them so that the harmful bacteria and viruses present in them are killed. Actually, they are more at risk during the rainy season, so be careful.

don't get wet in the rain

Often people like to get wet in the rainy season, but diabetic patients should not do so at all. They should keep themselves dry. This is the best way to avoid various types of infection in the rainy season.

drink plenty of water

Diabetic patients should drink plenty of water, as their body is more prone to dehydration. In such a situation, lack of water can cause more complications for diabetics. So keep that in mind.

Note: Dr. Parvesh Malik is a Physician and is currently working at Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat. Dr. Malik has completed his ABBS from Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Health Sciences and Research Mullana, Haryana. He also did MD in General Medicine. Prior to working at Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat, Dr. Parvesh worked as a Junior Resident at MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Maharishi Markandeshwar University.

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