HEALTH TIPS: Definitely drink sugarcane juice in summer, it is very beneficial for liver health


Consumption of sugarcane juice in summer is very beneficial in terms of health. This not only quenches our thirst or coolness but also cures many diseases related to our body because many nutrients are found in sugarcane. Apart from a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and vitamin-A, there are many important properties that are very important for our body.

Problem-related to urin

Many people suffer from urin-related problems in summer. If you feel burning, pain and discomfort while urinating, drink sugarcane juice. For any type of infection in the urethra, problems like dysuria, anuria, drink sugarcane juice, soon you will feel better. The right amount of urine will start coming.

Keep liver healthy

If your liver is not weak, to be healthy, mix lemon in a glass of sugar cane juice and consume it twice a day. Sugarcane juice helps us in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body so that the liver can be prevented from deteriorating.

treatment of fever

Sugarcane juice should be drunk in case of fever. Lack of protein in the body causes pain and weakness during fever. By drinking sugarcane juice, the body gets a good amount of protein. It also contains essential antioxidants that strengthen the body's immune system. Do not drink sugarcane juice with ice in fever.

Remove Bad Breath

If you have bad breath in your mouth or you have a history of tooth loss, then drinking sugarcane juice will be very good for you. Calcium and phosphorus are found in sugarcane juice so that the problem of teeth ends and does not smell. Lack of nutrients can also cause a bad odor from the mouth, so drink sugarcane juice.

Relieve constipation

If your stomach is not clean properly then you must drink sugarcane juice. Sugarcane has laxative properties, which makes it easier to pass stools. It also relieves problems like stomach irritation and acidity, so if something heavy or spicy has come in the afternoon then drink sugarcane juice.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Reva Maheshwari, the Senior Nutritionist at Arpan Hospital. Dr. Reva has previous 9 years of experience in this field. He received his degree from GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar.

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