HEALTH TIPS : Children who eat fast food may be victims of obesity, the risk of these diseases is also higher


Eating nutritious food is very important for a healthy life. Our eating habits and habits can affect our health. According to health experts, to stay healthy, as much as it is necessary to have nutritious food, it is equally important to consume food properly. In a recent study about this, researchers have described the wrong ways of eating as very harmful for the health of children. Researchers say that children who eat too fast and hastily may have a higher risk of obesity than other children. Children's eating habits can also affect their behavior, on these topics parents should pay special attention.

Scientists conducted this study to know the effect of eating habits in childhood on the nature of children. The study, led by the University of Buffalo and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is published in the journal Pediatric Obesity.

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Eating habits and mental health

The researchers found that children who are highly reactive to food cues (the desire to eat when they see food or smell it) may be at higher risk of feeling anxious and hopeless in the future. "This study is important because we found that faster eating habits and more responsiveness to food cues were found in children," said Professor Miles Faith, a professor in the UB Graduate School of Education and one of the study's lead authors. The risk of obesity may be higher.

effect of eating habits

Researchers surveyed 28 participants for the study. The emphasis was on reducing the speed of eating of these children aged 4-8 years. Along with this, the study also examined the effect of three eating habits and their children's temperament. The findings of the study found that children who respond well after feeding can be considered to have good self-control. On the other hand, children who have a habit of eating frequently may have more feelings of dissatisfaction. Apart from this, the risk of becoming obese at a young age of such children is high.

What do the researchers say?

To improve children's behavior and health, parents must pay special attention to both their food and the way they eat, says Button, a senior professor in the Department of Pediatrics in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Parents can benefit from improving children's diets to help calm temperamental children and reduce negative emotions in children. Button says a more detailed study is needed to know the effect of eating habits on health in the future.

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