Health Tips: Bhramari pranayama is the cure for many diseases, in this way the positivity will start flowing in the body.


Most of the people in today's run-of-the-mill life are stressed. When your mind is worried and not happy, then you are not able to focus well on any work. Due to which anger, depression, restlessness, anxiety, BP, etc., many problems are born. In such a situation, yoga is considered to be the best option for peace of mind. By the way, there are many Yogasanas which are very useful in keeping our body and mind healthy. But today we are going to tell you about such a Yogasan which develops positive energy in the mind and you remain stress-free. The name of this posture is Bhramari Pranayama. (Bhramari Pranayama)

Bhramari pranayama is also called humming be breathing technique. Practicing this pranayama also provides relief in anger, tension, restlessness, depressed mood, depression, BP, etc. If you are not able to focus on any work then this pranayama increases your concentration. While doing this pranayama you will realize many positive vibrations in the body. So let's first know the process of doing this and then its benefits-

Bhramari pranayama process

This pranayama can be done both at sunrise and sunset. To do this, first of all, you sit in a quiet environment, in Sukhasana.

Now you have to put the fingers of your hands in the face like this-

Kanishka finger - on both sides of the mouth, ring finger - on both sides of the nose, middle - on the corners of the eyes, on the forearm on both sides of the forearm and close both of your ears with the thumb.

Now breathe through your nose, stop for a while, now exhale, make a buzzing sound like a buzzing bee. While doing this pranayama, keep in mind that your mouth will remain closed and you breathe in and out through your nose.

You can also pronounce a low sound or a loud voice, but extracting a loud sound gives more benefits.

Breathe deeply again and exhale for a while. Repeat this process 5 to 7 times.

If you are having trouble keeping your fingers on the face, then you can also do Bhramari Pranayama by closing both ears with your index finger.

While performing this pranayama keep your eyes closed and try to build concentration only on the sound.

Note that this pranayama will be more beneficial if you do it on an empty stomach, after doing the rest of the exercise.

By doing this pranayama continuously, you will feel a lot of lightness in your body and you will also feel waves in your body. Do this daily for 5 minutes and increase the duration of time along with the practice.

You get these benefits by doing Bhramari Pranayam

Relieving mental stress and depression

Bhramari pranayama proves to be very beneficial in relieving depression and mental stress. By practicing this, your body feels more relaxed and lighter. Your brain and mind get peace and you are able to focus well on everything. Not only this, but Pranayama also boosts confidence in a person.

Also effective in thyroid problems

The thyroid is a gland in our throat that becomes abnormal due to iodine deficiency. This pranayama has been considered quite beneficial for people with hypothyroidism. This keeps the thyroid under control and your obesity does not increase abnormally.

Get relief from anxiety

Performing Bhramari Pranayama communicates positive vibrations in your body. This relieves many problems like over-thinking, anxiety, and loss of confidence. If you also have anxiety, then do this pranayama for 15 minutes by sitting in a quiet environment.

Keep insomnia and migraine away

People who are struggling with problems like insomnia, migraine, nasal congestion, half headache, etc., should do Bhramari Pranayam daily. You can do this on an empty stomach, both at sunrise and sunset.