HEALTH TIPS : Avoid consuming these 4 things with milk, these can be huge disadvantages instead of benefits


Our body is definitely rich in many types of nutrients, which we get from different types of food. At the same time, milk is also very beneficial for our bodies. In addition to vitamin D, a good amount of calcium is also found in milk, which is very beneficial for our health. Doctors also advise everyone to drink milk. Consuming milk also strengthens bones. By consuming a glass of milk daily, we can bring many benefits to the body. But many people have a habit that they also consume some other things along with milk, due to which you can have many disadvantages instead of benefits. So let's know about some such things which according to Ayurveda you should avoid consuming with milk.

eating citrus fruits

Milk is considered very good for our health, but citrus fruits should not be consumed with milk. This includes fruits like lemon, peach, orange, pineapple, amla, and green apple. Vitamin C and citric acid are found in high amounts in citrus fruits. In such a situation, if these fruits are consumed with milk, then the milk bursts in the stomach, due to which there can be many problems related to digestion.

with meat

Drinking milk should be avoided on the day you are consuming meat. Consuming meat with milk can cause allergic reactions. Both contain protein, and when both are eaten together, it will put more stress on the digestive system. In such a situation, problems related to the stomach may occur to the person.


When we drink milkshakes, many people like to drink them by adding cherries to them. But if milk and cherries are consumed together, it can have a bad effect on your health. In such a situation, cherries should be consumed only after about one or two hours after drinking milk or even more.

salty things

Milk is considered very beneficial for our health. But you should avoid consuming it with things like snacks and biscuits. If milk and salty things are consumed together, then it can cause skin problems to the person.

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