HEALTH TIPS : Appendix problem can be painful, it is important to recognize the symptoms in time


Almost everyone has stomach pain at some point or the other, but usually, people ignore it as a minor problem. Experts say that the appendix can also be a reason for abdominal pain. Actually, the appendix is ​​a tube-like structure, which is made up of tissue. It is found at the meeting point of the small and large intestine. Experts say that when intestinal bacteria enter the appendix and cause infection, it can cause appendicitis. When the infection progresses too much, there is also a risk of appendix rupture. Sometimes the pain of the appendix increases beyond the limit and becomes unbearable, in which case there is a need to contact the doctor. Let's know about the symptoms of the appendix ...

symptoms of appendix

Mild pain near the navel or upper or lower abdomen, which gets worse as it moves to the lower right abdomen

loss of appetite

Nausea or vomiting immediately after the onset of abdominal pain

abdominal bloating

Fever around 100 to 101 degrees

Constipation or diarrhea with gas in the abdomen

inability to pass gas

Unusual symptoms are also seen in many cases of the appendix, including:

mild or severe pain anywhere in the upper or lower abdomen, back, or rectum

painful urination

vomiting, which is preceded by abdominal pain

The appendix can be detected by these five tests

medical examination

CT scan


Complete blood count (CBC)

other imaging tests, such as MRI

What is the treatment for the appendix?

The only cure for the appendix is ​​surgery. The doctor may use traditional techniques (one large cut) or laparoscopy (using several small cuts and a camera to see inside). Surgery is also needed to remove the tumor of the appendix. If the tumor is large, more invasive surgery may be needed with the removal of part of the colon. Experts say that in general, antibiotics alone cannot effectively treat the appendix.

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