HEALTH TIPS : Alert: These 4 habits of yours are harming your heart, better to change today


All the organs in the human body are important in their respective places. When we do any work, then all the organs work according to the need. As we lift something, the work of our hands is more. But these are the parts which are visible outside, whereas inside our body also there are many such integral parts which are very important. For example, our heart, our heart spreads oxygenated blood throughout the body of the person. Not only this, the heart oxidizes the mixed-blood by bringing it from all over the body to the carbon dioxide. But in today's era, people have to face a lot of problems related to heart, behind which somewhere we have a bad routine and some habits. So let us tell you about some such habits, which you can change to keep your heart healthy. So let's know about these habits.

because of smoking

Many people smoke as a hobby and many people smoke to relieve stress. But we have to understand that it is very harmful to our heart because cigarettes contain nicotine, which reduces stress but also has a bad effect on our lungs including our heart.

no physical labor

Our body is such that if you work more than a limit then you will get tired, and if you do not do any physical labor at all, then it is also bad for our body. When no work is done for a long time and only sitting, it disturbs the balance of blood circulation and then the arteries start to shrink, which affects the heart. Not only this, but it can also increase the risk of heart diseases. That is why it is necessary to do physical labor.

not eating vegetables and fruits

If we want to stay healthy and keep our heart healthy too, then it is necessary to take a good diet. But some people prefer outside junk food instead of homemade food and fruits. One, the body does not get nutrients from it, then secondly, you can even come in the grip of diseases. Therefore, homemade vegetables and seasonal fruits should be consumed.

be under a lot of stress

In today's fast-paced life, everyone is under the burden of their work, due to which people are taking a lot of stress. But this stress is not at all good for our health and especially for our heart. At the same time, some people get angry due to this stress and may even become a victim of depression later on. In such a situation, a person may even come to a heart attack. So staying away from stress is a better option.

Note: Dr. Madhur Jain is a Cardiologist and Neurologist at Cygnus Hospital, Rewari. He has completed his MBBS from Thanjavur Medical College, The Tamil Nadu Doctor MGR Medical University. Along with this, Dr. Jain has done DNB Medicine and DNB Cardiology from the National Board of Examination. He has AIIMS, V.M. He has more than 10 years of experience working in several hospitals including M.C.C and Safdarjung Hospital. Dr. Madhur Jain also has a Certificate of Honor in Anatomy, ECG and Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

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