HEALTH TIPS : Acidity problem can be overcome by these 4 yogasanas, many other benefits can be found


In today's fast-paced life, everyone is very busy due to their work. In such a situation, neither food is available on time nor rest is available on time. The bad effect of all these things is visible on our body and we have to face many problems. One such problem is acidity. Although almost every other person is facing this problem nowadays, if it is ignored then it can cause a lot of problems later. Although it is necessary to take medicine for this, do you know that there are some yoga asanas as well, which can help you to get rid of this problem? Probably not, but there are some yoga asanas that if you do it regularly, then you can get relief in acidity and many other problems as well. So let's know about these yoga asanas.


To do this yoga posture, you have to first lie down on the ground and then lift both your legs from below and take them towards the back of your head, as well as stay here for some time. By doing this, it can help you in relieving acidity and also help in weight loss.


To do this, you have to sit cross-legged and place your palms on your knees. After this, take a deep breath and exhale with a jerk. During this, you have to pull your stomach inwards. By doing this yoga asana, you can get benefits from the problem of acidity. You just have to practice it daily.


To do this, you have to sit in one place and pay attention to your breath. At the same time, while taking a long breath, release it. It helps in blood circulation in the body, it also helps in removing problems like acidity and indigestion.


To do this yoga posture, you have to bend backward while sitting on your knees. Then hold your right heel with your right hand and the left heel or left hand. After this, while turning your head and neck backward, move your waist slightly forward. This can give you relief in things like back problems, nervous system.