Health News: These 3 yoga poses can solve many problems of women, from back pain to digestion problems


We all know the importance of yoga and it can prove very beneficial if done properly. Many times we do not know what can be a better yoga pose for us. If we talk about women, due to household work, office rush, and busy lifestyle, our health sometimes gets disturbed and many body functions are seen with deterioration. In such a situation, why not follow yoga poses that specifically take care of our health.

Many celebs, from Shilpa Shetty to Malaika Arora, explain the benefits of yoga. In such a situation why don't we also try something that will keep our body fit and beneficial in many other health-related problems? Let's know 3 yoga poses that will take care of women's fitness.


Sethubandhasana can prove to be very beneficial for women who have back pain problems. There can be many reasons for back pain. Many times sitting in an office chair for several hours together, staying in the wrong position at bedtime. When working or getting up or sitting incorrectly, some of these can trigger a back pain. In such a situation, Sethubandhasana can prove very beneficial for us.

How do you do Sethubandhasan?

- Lie on your back. Bend the knees. Keep in mind that both legs are kept equal to each other. Do not have one leg forward or back. The position of your ankles should be such that they remain just below the knees.

- Keep your hands straight.

- Now exhale and lift your waist. No claws of the head or feet will arise. You have to start from the lower back and then raise the mid-back.

- Hold this pose for one minute and then slowly lower your hips.


This is another posture that is very good for all of our spine, neck, and legs. However, try not to do it at all. As you can see in the picture, it is not so easy to pose. Its name is Halasan because it looks like farmers plow. But it can be considered a good way of stretching and after doing this your body can get rid of many problems related to the spine. After doing this, hold for at least 20-25 seconds.

How do Halasan

Before doing this, keep in mind that your stomach is empty.

- Now straighten your legs and lie on your back. Stretch as many legs as you can.

With this, raise your feet and take them at a straight 90-degree angle. With this, start moving the legs towards the back of the head.

- Keep in mind that this will not happen immediately, do it slowly.

- You may not be able to do it at first, but by practicing slowly you will start holding it.

Downward respiratory tract

Along with curing your muscles, this asana is also good for digestion. If you have been constipated for a long time or have stiffness in the legs and hands, this asana can help. The biggest advantage of this is that this asana is very easy to do and it corrects the blood circulation in your whole body. In this posture, the entire weight of the body is focused on the toes of the hands and feet. The rest of the body is in the air.

How do downward-facing dogs

First of all, make your body with the claws of hands and feet. Knee flexion in the beginning.

After this, lift your knees in the air. The entire body weight should be on your feet and hands.

- Now lift your hips. These should be as if you have made the reverse v. After this stretch your body. Remember that there are no knees or hands to turn.

These three asanas are very beneficial and if you are always tired, have trouble with muscles, have back pain, have problems with digestion, have gas, have a migraine, then in all these cases it can be helpful. Try them and tell us your experience in the comment box. Stay connected with your life to read other similar stories.

All Image Credit: Freepik / yogajournal / idyaz