Health News: If you are also troubled by loose motion, then follow these home remedies


It is common to have loose motion after eating some reverse or for some other reason. But, it is also not right to go to the doctor every time. Many times this problem can also be overcome with the help of some home remedies. However, during this time too much trouble has to be faced, and due to this, problems like headaches, fatigue, weakness, etc. start. However, if patience is exercised, the loose motion can be stopped with the help of some kitchen items. So let us know in this article today, about those home remedies, which can be overcome by adopting this problem.

Use cumin seeds

Yes, with the help of cumin present in the kitchen, loose motion can be stopped. For this, you should take a pinch of cumin seeds with lukewarm water. Keep in mind, it does not have to be eaten completely, but it has to be chewed slowly. This will give you rest soon. It also cools the stomach.

Eat curd

You can consume yogurt during loose motion. This will give you a quick rest. The probiotics in yogurt also help in many ways and keep away from the problem of loose motion. The microorganisms present in yogurt also help a lot in keeping the digestive system fine. For this, you should consume two to three teaspoons a day.

Eat banana

It is said that the pectin elements present in bananas keep away from the problem of loose motion. For your information, let us know that pectin is a kind of soluble carbohydrates, which provide relief during diarrhea and loose motion. It is said that loose motion can be controlled immediately by its regular intake. For this, you can consume one banana every morning and evening during loose motion.

Hydrate and diet

Due to loose motion, most of the body starts to lack water. Lack of water causes problems like fatigue, dizziness, etc. In such a situation, he kept drinking water in time to keep himself hydrated. Apart from this, you can also take salt and water solution. Along with keeping the body hydrated, it is also important that you take care of your diet. Include seasonal vegetables in the diet and stay away from liquids.

Note: This article is only for information enhancement. You can also consult a doctor in this regard.

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