Health News: Do these special stretches daily to look like 30 at the age of 51 like Bhagyashree


Bollywood actresses look more beautiful and fit than ever with increasing age. Bhagyashree's name is also included in the list of such Bollywood actresses. The film, which has a sweet smile that rules everyone's heart from the film Maine PyarKiya, may be far from the films but has been associated with fans through her Instagram. Bhagyashree is 51 years old, but no one can guess the real age after seeing him. Women are so big fans of their young and glowing skin and beauty that they want to look like them in their old age. But do you know how hard she works to keep herself fit? His Instagram shoot is full of fitness videos and photos.

A few days ago, he shared a video of himself posing as a lizard through his Instagram. In the caption of this video, Bhagyashree wrote, "Enhances hip flexors, stretches hamstrings and quadrants. Strengthens the chest and shoulders. Tones the glutes and is the best stretch to reduce the symptoms of menopause. "If you want to show yourself as fit as 30 at age 51 like Bhagyashree, do this stretch daily. Let us know the ways and advantages of doing it.

Lizard pose

Lizard Pose, also known as UttanPejasana. Evolution in Sanskrit means to pull out, Pratha means the page of the book and Asana means posture. Depending on how flexible you are, the legged pose can be an intrusion to your hips. This opens your hips. If you are less flexible in these areas then you can do this stretch. The elevation of pagasana makes the stomach and spine flexible. Bailee reduces fat. It is particularly beneficial for women and is a panacea stretch for stomach problems, especially gas.

How to pose

  • To do this, first lie down on your stomach.
  • Then interlock the arms under the chest.
  • Raise the head first, then the chest, and finally the hips.
  • While moving the head back, make chin and chest behind the interlock arms on the ground.
  • In doing so, the hips rise up nicely.
  • Fill the hips, lift up, and after stopping as per your ability, return to the old position while exhaling.

Benefits of lizard pose

  • This pose certainly sounds complicated but it is not.
  • It is helpful in relieving stress, fatigue, and stress.
  • You can do this to relax the body after a day's hard work.
  • It is immediately effective and very calm for the body.
  • Can make the body strong and healthy.
  • Mental peace is also found.
  • Helps to strengthen muscle groups.
  • Apart from this, as we mentioned above, doing this can reduce belly, thigh, hips, and side fat.
  • It relieves problems related to reproductive health as it promotes pelvic and lower abdominal function.

You can also do this special stretch to keep yourself fit.

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