Health News: Click here to know which is better: mutton or chicken for diabetic patients!


Diabetes is a disorder in which blood sugar levels rise abnormally, as a person's body is unable to produce enough insulin hormone. Therefore, people with this disease should be very careful in eating and drinking.

Today we will tell you that if you have diabetes, can you eat mutton or chicken? And also tell you which of these is better!

Consumption of red meat is linked to diabetes and heart diseases, as the saturated fat present in it can cause cardiovascular diseases. The sodium and nitrites in red meat cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. This causes inflammation that can lead to some types of cancer. However, in the case of mutton, these risks may be less!

Chicken is a great option for people with diabetes as chicken is a high source of protein and has a very low-fat content. If we healthily cook chicken, then chicken can become a healthy option for people with diabetes disorder.