Health Issue: Is your toddler dehydrated, identify with these signs


Dehydration in toddlers can cause many health problems. So you must identify it through some signs.

Dehydration in toddlers can prove fatal. Due to health problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and fever, small children become dehydrated and if they are not taken care of in time, then it brings them to the point of taking them to the doctor. Dehydration is a condition where the body loses more water than it receives. Dehydration disrupts normal metabolic processes. By the way, the problem of dehydration is seen more in toddlers, because their smaller bodies have less liquid reserves. Usually, young children are not able to tell their problems openly, due to which parents do not know about their dehydration problem. Of course, children can not tell their problem by speaking, but still, their body gives some indication, through which you can identify that their body has become dehydrated. So, today we are talking about some similar signs of dehydration in toddlers,

Dry mouth

It is the first and leading symptom of dehydration in toddlers. When children are dehydrated, less saliva is produced in their mouths. Apart from this, his mouth looks more sticky. At the same time, their lips also appear drier.

Urine deficiency

By the way, young children or toddlers pass more urine. But if his body is dehydrated, then he does not pass urine for six to eight hours. Besides, he is extremely pale and concentrated when he urinates.

Lack of tears

This is also a sign that indicates dehydration in toddlers, which you should not ignore at all. When the child is dehydrated and cries there are fewer tears than normal.

To be indifferent

When children are dehydrated, it also affects their antics. In such a situation, there is a lack of energy in children and hence they are less interested in any activity. He may not be able to concentrate his attention on anything or activity. At the same time, if he is told something, he should behave more irritably.

Change in stool

If the child has any kind of infection due to dehydration, then you may see this sign. In this situation, when the child is dehydrated, there will be a soft or watery stool excretion. On the other hand, if the dehydration is only due to vomiting or excess heat, then the baby's bowel movement is disturbed and in such a situation the stool may become harder. After which he may also have a constipation problem.

If you see any such sign in your toddler, then you should not relax at all. Contact the pediatrician immediately and take adequate care of the child on their advice.

Image Credit: freepik