Health: Click here to know these home remedies to get rid of mouth Ulcers


In summer, most people have a problem of mouth blisters, tell you that there is so much trouble due to blisters in the mouth that it is difficult to swallow food.

1. You can also remove the ulcers in your mouth with the help of aloe vera gel, for this apply aloe vera gel on your mouth ulcers. This will cool your mouth and will provide relief from irritation. Do this twice a day.

2. Many times, blisters in the mouth also occur due to stomach heat, in such a situation, apply a piece of ice to the blister with a light hand, when the saliva drips let it drip, this will give you relief.

3. You can also use coconut water to give relief in mouth ulcers, applying it on mouth ulcers provides relief in pain, and drinking water cures it quickly.